The Essence of Collins House

At Collins House on the sunny west coast, we strive to perfect “the Art of the Getaway”. Start with sumptuous comfort, close to nature, add a near-ocean and distant-mountain view and offer heavenly bedding and private deluxe accommodation without deadlines.

Then, look for some less expected things like our private well water so spectacular we carbonate and bottle it for you or deliver it plain and simple from all taps. Curled up in delicious bath robes and plush seating, scan your large, deluxe suite and you’ll find built-in USP chargers, dimmers, fridge, iron, 40 inch TV with Netflix and naturally, high-speed WiFi and yes, real flowers.

We love people and are happy to interact with guests and share our local knowledge. At the same time, we have built a place where you can relax and get away from it all or “cocoon” without the need for communal breakfasts, hot tubs or TV rooms etc.

Luxury at its finest

A Note About Breakfast

BREAKFAST IS NO LONGER SERVED. Collins House used to provide an in suite Deluxe Continental Breakfast to be consumed whenever you felt like it.

Now, after C19, new protocols make it impossible to do so. At the same, time cleaning protocols are so significant as to offset the potential savings on a Continental Breakfast. Various web sites will take time to catch up to these new realities.

Bedding From Heaven

Well, perhaps our bedding is NOT from heaven, but it is from Italy and Egypt and that makes it quite heavenly.

You won’t have to touch the orchids to know they are “real” even in the off season when we celebrate them most.

Water is a Challenge

… on Salt Spring Island, but Collins House sits on one of the finest wells to be found on the island. We carbonate and deliver our water to your room daily … or you can just take it as still water from any tap.

Savour Your Get-Away