The Collins Collective is a haven for artists. Come and browse in a peaceful space. Or bring your easel and be part of the Collective. 

By Solveig Brickenden

I wanted to share this peaceful place with not only our guests, but with those who wander through the woods to visit our haven.

We decided to invite others to paint and create here. It may be that they will want to call this their artist home or they want to display and sell in the backdrop of the beauty which is Collins Collective.

We invite you to browse, share, participate, and create here … if only in your mind for now.

“Just love this haven! It’s a dream come true for me to find such a place to paint and create. Not only is the space superb but the atmosphere simply enthralls. When I go there to paint I feel enveloped in a space all my own with no outside distractions. Absolutely loving it!”

We’ll rent you some space to create. Ask how you can come and call Collins Collective home for your studio too.

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